Nautical Furniture Décor

There are many unique nautical furniture décor items commercially available today.  Things like row boat table and shelves, shipswheel end tables, binnalces (ships compass stands) and replica engine room telegraph (ships speed control) can be purchased from many online stores. 
8963.jpgMix white-painted furniture, striped linen and a few retro accessories for seaside style that’s fresh as a summer breeze. It’s a high-summer look that can be achieved at off-season rates.  The best way to acquire the nautical furniture decor for your nautical theme is to collect a mixture of antiques, reproductions and new pieces.  Shop your local antique stores, garage sales and discount shops.  Mix and match bed frames, end tables, coffee tables, book shelves, display units and hutches.  If the colors are not exactly right repaint on your own or have them refinished at your local shop.

It’s a fun and eclectic blend of coastal life and style that offers something for the whole family.  The key to nautical furniture décor is adding accent pieces, colorful pillows and throws to extend your nautical theme.  This will blend your collection of nautical furniture décor pieces together to create a welcoming eye soothing view.  A centerpiece nautical furniture decor item for the room will set off the design like a Row Boat Coffee Table, Engine Room Telegraph, Rowboat Knot board Mirror, Oar Coat Stand, Dual Wheel Ship Wheel Table , Dock Table or Lifeboat Compass Binnacle.  Magazines like Coastal Living, Sail, Boating, and Boating World offer ideas for nautical furniture décor.

lm-570.jpg Nautical furniture décor style is very well liked by people from across the world because it reminds them of their favorite vacation.  What’s not to like with the beautiful bright blues, teals, greens and whites.  The color schemes encourage one to relax and enjoy your environment.  The easy living theme allows you to use the items you may have found on your vacation like seashells, sand, or driftwood evokes the relaxed feelings from your vacation. While on a vacation, pick up some items that you can easily turn into your nautical home décor. Sea shells can be easily crafted into sea shells picture frames, look good displayed in an oversized clear vase, stacked on bookshelves or hung on the wall. All you need is some basic craft tools and skills to create a home made item to add to your nautical furniture décor’.


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